Day One. (the Pope is dead…)


Ok, here we are in “bella Italia”.
Well, it’s cold, fucking cold. We arrived yesterday in the afternoon and it was like 15 degrees or something…
The good news: Our hotel is great and we (Yannick and me ) got a nice room. However some of us didn’t have warm water the first day but do we really care? 🙂
After a long long trip it took us quite a whyle to find a decent “ristorante”.
After filling our stomaches (first warm meal after 27 hours!) we went to the next bar and enjoyed ourselves with italian drinks.

The good stuff:

  • Limoncello (Lime liquor, verry sweet and kicks in quite fast)
  • Beer: Birra Morretti, Nastro Azzurro and Dreher Beer. It’s all the same.
  • Grappa. Tasty after a good meal.
  • Whisky with strawberry-flavour. (For the ladies)

By the way. The POpe is dead. Il Papa è morto.

When we were in the train, there was a remarcable incident that ought to be mentioned.

Bastian felt like making jokes about the Pope and Olivia was the one to translate them in italian.

Unfortunately (as we found out later) people who were sleeping in the compartements could understand what we were talking about. So it was like:

Olivia: (in italian) “The Pope is an ASSFUCKER!”

Bastian: (in italian) “I’m the new Pope!”

You can imagine the situation… Well, after about a half an hour an italian Lady jumped out of her compartement and started yelling at us. “Please shut the fuck up, I’m trying to get some sleep and for fucks sake stop making jokes about “il Papa”! You come from a “paese di merde” and we’re all Italians here in the train, so respect the Italians!” If I hear one more word I’m gonna call the “Polizia Ferroviere”!

Then she left us telling the train-man that we are bloody bastards.

Ok, so we did shut the fuck up…

Back to reality. We’re in a goddamn internet-caffee here on the island and writing on this crappy keyboard is really annoying. Grrr!!!

We’re going to see a volcano today and we’re going to stink like hell when we return.

See ya later.

-yanis, yannick


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