BenQ-Siemens drops first handsets: EF81, S68, S88


Today BenQ-Siemens finally launched three three new devices — the EF81,
S68, and S88.

The EF81 is 0.6-inch thick 3G RAZR-competitor with a 1.3-inch 120 x160 external display, and a 2.2-inch 262k color internal QVGA display, as well as 64MB RAM and MicroSD.
The S68 is slightly less interesting with a 1.8-inch 132 x 176 display, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, and 8MB of memory.
The S88 (the black device above) at least features a two megapixel camera in addition to its 2-inch 176 x 220 262k color OLED
display, MicroSD, and Bluetooth, though it only supports GPRS.

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