Intel 17″ Core Duo iMac benchmarked at Ars Technica


The author of the article, Eric Bangeman, notes that when you run
heavy processor intensive applications such as Photoshop or Unreal Tournament on Rosetta, don’t expect them to be zippy.
In fact, you may be better off holding off on purchasing a new iMac if you are a professional graphic designer, audio
engineer, or film maker. Pro applications, even those authored by Apple, are just not finished for the Intel processor
platforms. Running those same applications with Rosetta may feel a bit laggy if you are used to using a G5 machine.
According to Bangeman, Photoshop tests with Rosetta on the Core Duo iMac put it about level with a 1GHz G4 machine.
Once Photoshop and other pro applications are released as native for the Intel procs, the Core Duo will definitely be a
solid purchase.

Bangeman also confirms that the only part of the Core Duo iMac you will probably upgrade at
home will be the RAM. Similar to the last model of iMac G5, only the bottom plate of the housing is removable.

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