Sony Ericsson product line-up 2006


This picture shows the complete line-up of Sony Ericsson’s handsets for the year 2006.

 News Uploads 3745 Se Lineup

The phone in the red circle at the left is Sony Ericsson K310i, it is the successor of K300i. K300i is a mid-end camera phone released last year.

Sony Ericsson K510i (middle) is the successor of K500i. It should be targeted on consumer who love mobile gaming and fun.

The last one at the right is the Mulan posted in the article earlier. It is said to have 2 version, one with walkman phone features/skins and another normal version. We shall see the official releases very soon.


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One Response to “Sony Ericsson product line-up 2006”

  1. Have you seen the M600i and W950i? They look very promising!

    TheColinBlog: Sony Ericsson M600i and W950i

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