MacBook: a 13-inch widescreen with iSight

AppleInsider is reporting their latest: that next Tuesday we might possibly see a new iBook in the form of
the MacBook , what they have on authority to be a 13-inch widescreen Intel laptop with MagSafe, Front Row and an Apple
Remote, built-in iSight, and a completely latchless design that uses magnets to hold the screen shut. According to AI this device is to be Apple most “heavily redesigned Macintosh… in the last two years.”

UPDATE: The MacBooks are not going to be shown on Tuesday, instead AplleInsider claims that we’re gonna see some low-budget Mac minis.

My prediction: The Mac minis are going to be featured with mediacentric software (Frontrow 2.0) and the Video iPod is going to be shown as well. This could be the start of Apples of attack on video distribution…

Sounds interesting, we shall see!

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