Samsung’s SGH-i310 8GB Windows Mobile 5.0 musicphone


Sometimes, just sometimes you do get what you ask for. Introducing the SGH-i310 smartphone from Samsung with
8 freakin’ 8GB of capacity. Not only does this latest object of our lustful ways double the capacity of their previous
i300x musicphone, Samsung has also bettered on the OS by (finally) dropping in Windows Mobile 5.0. Not just that kids, this pup also throws down a 2 megapixel shooter with flash, video recording and playback, TV-out, and microSD slot if you just gotta roll larger than 8GB. You also get USB 2.0 support for moving those AAC/MP3/WMA files on the quick and Bluetooth with A2DP stereo audio support if those built-in dual-speakers just ain’t cuttin’ it. On display starting this week at CeBIT with release (in Europe) during the second half of ’06.


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