Hands-on with the Samsung Q1 / Origami


Engadget’s got a hands on review of Samsung’s Origami device called Q1.

So we managed to get our hands on an Samsung Q1 / Origami device set to roll tomorrow here at CeBIT. Don’t ask how,
but it’ll be awhile before we recover from the brutal caning we just received. From the five minutes we spent with it
we can tell you, well, it’s an XP Tablet PC with a 7-inch display. Sorry, that’s about it, nothing
earth-shattering here folks. In fact, for all the hype, it’s hard to find anything revolutionary or even
evolutionary in the hardware specs or loaded software (perhaps that will come when the price is announced). Sure,
Samsung did call it a prototype unit, but the final prototype prior to manufacture won’t see much changed other than a
“brighter TFT LCD” we were told.

Now, beyond what we saw earlier today,Samsung will release their UMPC / Origami device with optional GPS
and DVB-T mobile digital TV expansion modules, as well as WiBRO support for when that goes live in Korea around June.
The version we grabbed, the Q1, also supports Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and sports a 30GB hard disk. Unfortunately the
whole thing just felt wrong in the hands and very plasticy and without substance.
[txt by engadget.com]

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