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Here you go with a nice high-res shot of the upcoming Sidekick III for T-Mobile. The interface got tweaked together with new design. Enjoy This is a screenshot taken from the menue of the device. The handwriting sucks though… 😉 Technorati Tags: Mobilephones, Sidekick III, Sidekick 3, Sidekick, T-Mobile Advertisements

Ahh… what a beauty! This guy mounted a 50 inch Samsung DLP in his wall and connected it to the – guess what- perfect media computer, a mac mini. And by the way, I’m gonna have my first hands on with the brand new “BlackBook” tomorrow …! w00t 😉 (Going to get mine soon… baby!) […]

You got a realy small flat and can’t afford something bigger because you’re living in Tokyo? Well Tokyo rocks and with the Computer Bed made by Euro FlyingBeds you’ll finally have one piece of furniture to sleep, cook and work on! Wow! Technorati Tags: Flying Beds, Gadgets, Computer Bed

Enjoy the beauty of a custom made mac-like table paired with a MacBook Pro and a 30″ Cinema display. WOW! Technorati Tags: Apple, Mac, MacBook Pro

The speculations about the first Apple retail store in continental Europe started in August 2005. The swiss newspaper Billanz got the scoop today announcing the opening of a Apple store in Zürich Switzerland at Bahnhofstrasse 77. The 250 square-meters location is situated at one of the busiest places in Zürich and is going to cost […]

So Apple is going to implement "Bittorrent" in the next version of OS X called Leopard or 10.5. A recent article from claims that Apple is going to implement a system wide Bittorrent client in OS 10.5 which is going to be used to deliver Apple's own software but also iTunes content in the […]