First European Apple Store to open in Zürich Switzerland


The speculations about the first Apple retail store in continental Europe started in August 2005. The swiss newspaper Billanz got the scoop today announcing the opening of a Apple store in Zürich Switzerland at Bahnhofstrasse 77. The 250 square-meters location is situated at one of the busiest places in Zürich and is going to cost the Apple corporation about 1 Million Dollars a year according to an insider who is familiar with the prices at this spot. On the other hand Apple is probably going to get the highest sales per squaremeter in Europe or even compared to all the stores worldwide. This is not that big of a surprise since Switzerland is the richest country in the world and Zürich is believed to be the most expensive city on the planet.
Anyhow, according to the article mentioned above the handover for the store is going to take place in 2007. The “Apple Retail Switzerland GmbH” however has allready been registered in June 2005.
Welcome Apple!


2 Responses to “First European Apple Store to open in Zürich Switzerland”

  1. Actually, the Rome Apple retail store should be the first continental store to open, some time in June at the Roma Est shopping center in the eastern suburbs of Rome. Also, Apple is planning for a Paris store during 2007, which may or may not open before the Zurich location.

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