Beer Can Sculptures


Ah, the blogging virus hit me again (you know how this feels Boris, don’t you? )

I’ve just come by these beer can sculptures from Turkey. At least I guess they are from Turkey because the cans are from the “Efes Pilsen” brewery which is one of the best Turkish beers. (Correct me if I’m wrong…)

Funny thing is, I just went out to get some beers and bought some Efes because the store is run by a Turkish family and I see these beer can sculptures. Yay!


I’m listening to:Moment of Clarity from the album “The Grey Album” by Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse

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2 Responses to “Beer Can Sculptures”

  1. Yeah, I know how it feels like ;-).



  2. Hehe, I just wanted to plug your blog in this post!

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