Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”


Uh oh, I just came home from work (I work in a disco during the weekend) and it’s about 8’o clock in the morning. However as a real geek/nerd I’m in front of my laptop again hammering on my keyboard.

There’s an interesting article on slashdot about Windows “Vista” versus Mac OS X “Leopard” and how the two companies and their products differentiate.$leopard

To save your precious time I’m going to give you a short summary of the discussion.

Microsoft developed the Windows OS and built it’s monopoly around this product. Every OEM has to pay the “Windows tax” which means that the OEM has to pay less for the Windows licenses if it ships it’s hardware with Windows preinstalled. If it doesn’t and, for example sells it’s boxes with Linux preinstalled it has to pay more for each and every Windows license.

Point is, Microsoft’s got the monopoly and Apple doesn’t by far. So why does Apple have stronger growth than any other PC manufacturer? One aspect is certainly the software Apple delivers with their computers. It’s not only the Mac OS X experience but also the software bundles that you get with your Mac as well. Think about iLife for example which gives you the capabilities to create, manage and edit all your media. Then you have the creatives professional market where Apple is leading with it’s “Final Cut” or “Logic” software. (Just to name two of them)

Basically it boils down to this: Windows has basically a monopoly in the OS market but has some major problems. One of the most important is that it has to suport virtually every hardware available for a PC. This causes problems that are not existent in the “Apple World”. Though this is no excuse at all for the poor security in Windows XP (yes, It’s still poor, even with SP2. Just look at the numbers of how many SP2 machines are actually zombies). On the other hand Apple can develops their OS only for their own machines and hardware and make it super stable, bundle great software with it and make it “just work”.

So where are we heading?

Microsoft chose the path of “let’s be everywhere and if there is some place we aren’t in, let’s conquer it by the force of our monopoly” (zynic) This makes Microsoft a genuine (sic!) software vendor with a relative small hardware business going on. Think “Zune” “XBox” etc…vista

Apple though is a “system company”. It doesn’t sell only software nor hardware. Apple gives you the whole system with their hardware and their software bundled together. This way they can avoid any comlications with third party vendors and their (crappy) drivers and also they are able to optimize their software to the respective hardware. That’s the Apple way. And it costed more than a PC.

Until now. As you might now, there is no real alternative from the PC world to the MacBook/MacBook Pro with the same specs. Same thing with the Mac Pro and even the XServe! Since Apple switched to Inte processors they achieved to drop the cost per unit and get on a competitiv basis with Dell, HP, Lenovo and the rest of the gang.

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