ModBook, the better MacBook



I know this isn’t actually news to most people but I have become a fan of OWC’s ModBook since I first saw it on MacBreak and TUAW.

The concept seems just so convincing: Take a MacBook, put in a GPS unit and give the screen some Wacom touchscreen love. What you get is a MacBook tablet.

Prices start $2199 (pre-order with free GPS upgrade) and end at $2699 for the “ultimate” version.

I’m seriously considering buying one for myself. Just imagine the following situation: You’re at your local Starbucks, or wherever you’ve got free WiFi, checking your mails and browsing through your RSS feeds. The best way for doing these casual tasks is in the normal “laptop-mode”. Now you need to work on some Photoshop files. You flip the screen and voilà, there you have your Wacom tablet-screen. Perfect for graphic artists on the go.

The GPS unit is the second big selling point. Not only can you use your ModBook for navigation purposes but you might also need it to “geotag” your blog posts or use it in combination with Google Earth. Just put your coordinates into Google Earth and there you are. Or why wouldn’t you want to tag your photographs with the corresponding coordinates?

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