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Sick Brake …


Ok, I’m sick. Expect fewer posts this week. Technorati Tags: sick, flu Advertisements

TDK is going to bring the ultra-falt-style to your portable speakers. Not that it’s anoying enough when people actually use these bastards in public but you know… You can grab one of these in Japan by March of this year for about 25$ Technorati Tags: tdk, speakers, flat.

USB devices are great, but something must gave gone terribly wrong. Here are some of the strangest USB gadgets I’ve come around lately. Let’s start with Debreu’s Scent Drive. This nicely designed air purifier comes in different flavours from 128mb to 2 Gigabytes. But that’s just not crazy enough. Now this USB breathing mask must […]

What happens when some Danish Apple-loving designers create a desk? MILK happens. Sexy, simple, stylish MILK … At first glance you might think: “It looks like a mac.” Of course it does! And it’s got the same simplicity and functionality you know from Cupertino. The MILK has all the features you’ll need: You can run all your […]

Calling me!


© Chappatte – Chappatte is my favourite newspaper cartoonist and I just recently spent (too much) some time on his website. <fanboy>His cartoons are amazingly good! </fanboy>

Before you audiophile Linux gurus start bashing me for the headline, let me do a statement: Yes, I like Amarok as well!” 🙂 Now the facts. The Amarok blog has posted an (ruther ugly) screenshot of Amarok running on OS X. The player doesnt’ actually work but it compiles and runs. That’s a start. 😉 As […]

  Motorola is back in the game with it’s MOTORIZR Z8 gadget porn star. As you can see this handset’s got a whole new form factor called “Kick Slider”. This design approach is supposed to be more ergonomic on your – well face. You gotta love the specs at least: First of this slim (15.3mm) baby is a […]