Zattoo House Warming Party


The great guys from Zattoo had a nice party at their new offices in Oerlikon/Zurich Switzerland.

Zattoo is a P2P client which allows you to watch live TV over the internet. The client offers about 40 channels including all the major Swiss, German, French or Italian broadcasters.

The service is totally free but works only in Switzerland at the moment.

We had a great time discussing the future of TV and media in general with people who are actually changing the business.

Thanks Sughi, Craig and Francesco!

Watch the interview to find out more about Zattoo:


2 Responses to “Zattoo House Warming Party”

  1. Hallo zusammen

    Nettes Interview vom Freitag – wie versprochen hab ich’s angeschaut!

    Coole Sache – macht weiter (vielleicht mit dem HEATBAR im Oberdorf in Zürich).


  1. 1 Congratulations, Zattoo is one year old! « phase:two

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