Best Photograph of the Year


The World Press Photo Award 2006 goes to Spencer Platt. The American photographer won the price for his picture showing four young Lebanese cruising through the destroyed city of Beirut.

This has nothing to do with gadgets or technology. The picture just struck me…

picture of the year

The award for the best portrait went to the Swiss photographer Nicolas Righetti. His portrait shows the ex-dictator of Turkmenistan “Turkmenbashi” who recently died.



2 Responses to “Best Photograph of the Year”

  1. Wow, what a damning statement on the state of the world today (especially the state of our youth)…I wonder if they realize they are inheriting the ruins? Won’t seem so trendy then…

  2. I guess they know quite well in what situation their city/country is. This picture was taken on the first day of the cease fire. Many Lebanese left the city, especially the rich. I think these young people are part of the “jeunesse dorée” of Beirut and must feel like strangers in their own city.

    ps: I went to your blog and I realy like your reviews.

    cheers yanis

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