Amarok runs on OS X (sort of … almost)


Before you audiophile Linux gurus start bashing me for the headline, let me do a statement: Yes, I like Amarok as well!” 🙂

Now the facts. The Amarok blog has posted an (ruther ugly) screenshot of Amarok running on OS X. The player doesnt’ actually work but it compiles and runs. That’s a start. 😉


As a comment on the Amarok blog points out, you can compile your own version by using the Fink library for OS X.

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10 Responses to “Amarok runs on OS X (sort of … almost)”

  1. I got it to install from Fink, but with Xine, there were problems with gstreamer.

    For those interested, I developed triggers to control Amarok from the keyboard anywhere in OSX, without having to focus X11. They also provide a nicer OSD staying on top of everything.

  2. Nice howto on your blog Mortimer.
    Makes me want to play with Amarok again.


  3. 3 Pakk99

    Is cool to see AmaroK making its way to OSX, but after spending a month with Amarok, I’d much rather stick with iTunes. Sure, Amarok has the Context Browser (which sports some nice info and lyrics about the cuurent selection), but other than that, I was largely unimpressed. Maybe I was missing something, but I pretty much didn’t find anything that I would do with Amarok’s famed playlist functionality that I couldn’t do with iTunes. And the Context Browser went pretty much unused. Sorry, but if I want to look up a band on Wikipedia, I’ll use my web browser. Plus, I really like the fact that I can use iTunes to quickly and easily manage all of my media files (except photos), from music to movies to podcasts and everything in between. But, I’m sure there are people who prefer AmaroK.

  4. Hi Pakk99
    I actually agree with you as I’m perfectly fine with iTunes as well. I think some people always prefer an open-source alternative to closed-source software. Like my friend Daniel who is still trying to get his iPod nano running linux without draining the battery in 2 hours. 😉

  5. 5 Pakk99

    Hi phasetwo,
    I hope I didn’t sound like I was knocking the FOSS community. There are some great FOSS projects out there (Ardour, Mozilla, Adium). I just don’t have an axe to grind with closed-source and commercial developers. After all, Final Cut Studio and Creative Suite are both closed source and expensive, but they are also vastly superior to their FOSS alternatives. That said, I do have Feisty Fawn installed on another partition.

  6. I don’t think you sounded like that at all. I guess everyone has it’s own mix of FOSS/proprietary software. The benefit of comunity driven FOSS projects are of course the participatory aspect and the great flexibility. (Try to get a feature into the next version of Photoshop). The bottom line for me is realy only: Does it do the job? I have to be productive and can’t (in theory) afford to lose time with software problems.
    Anyways, nice to see you here! 🙂

  7. 7 Pakk99

    Thanks. Nice work on “After the Show”, by the way.

  8. Well, I for one am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a usable mp3 player/librarian for OS X and hope Amarok will fit the bill. I’ve tried all the various “howto” page which purport to tell me how to run it on OS X, but they’re all too technical for me. I keep hoping someone will just post an I can download and use and be done with it, without having to learn about compilers and engines and such.

    As to open source vs. closed source, to me, that’s an irrelevant issue. I’d happily pay for a program that can play and organize my mp3 files, *without* being a big, slow, memory intensive, buggy, marketing-oriented peice of bloatware that manages your entire library databse as a -get this – flat-file text file. You people honestly think iTunes is an adequate peice of software? You must have very small libraries. Let me loan you my 320GB mp3 library for a week, and you’ll discover that the problem isn’t just that iTunes is a poor piece of software – it’s that it in fact barely is even usable at all. Like, it’s the software equivalent of a doorstop. It does nothing but stall. Oh, yeah, occasionally, after a very long wait, it will let me scroll the window, or play an mp3 or something. Sometimes.

    But, meanwhile now that they’ve stomped every competing mp3 player for OS X out of the market, they keep bogging it down with all sorts of useless new features. Built-in iTunes store browser! iPhone activator & ring tones! TV shows! A million things I don’t need an mp3 player to do! An it can’t even let me sit and listen to an mp3 without winding up beating my fists against my keyboard in frustrated rage.

    So, I hope the open source mp3 play might be a little more oreitned towards playing mp3s, and a little less oriented towards turning you into a customer for a company that makes glossy but technologically inferior gadgets.

    Seriously. This one issue has almost caused me to switch to pc after 20 years of beign a mac guy. I need to be able to organize & play mp3s on my computer.

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  1. 1 Vetter’s nutzloser Blog » Blog Archive » Good Heavens, it Works!

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