USB Madness Part I


USB devices are great, but something must gave gone terribly wrong. Here are some of the strangest USB gadgets I’ve come around lately.

Let’s start with Debreu’s Scent Drive. This nicely designed air purifier comes in different flavours from 128mb to 2 Gigabytes.
But that’s just not crazy enough.
2-16-07-Usb Mask
Now this USB breathing mask must come right out of some crazy anime fantasy. If you realy need this – thing – you’re lost. +10 anime crazyness points though.
2-16-07-Usb Sound Drive
The last USB toy for today is actually usefull. The USB stick pictured above is a loudspeaker… just in case your laptop speakers are not loud enough. Or you might stick that thing in any other portable media player.

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One Response to “USB Madness Part I”

  1. don’t forget the usb-stove! (engl. translation) 🙂

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