Internet over TV Airwaves


The Washington Post has posted an interesting articleabout a group of tech firms working together to bring you internet access over TV airwaves.


Thecoalition formed by Google, Microsoft, HP, Intel and Philips are going to propose a prototype device to the FCC which will be built by Microsoft. Sadly there are no further details concerning technical specs so far. You might find some more information on though.

In my opinion the internet-over-tv approach sounds promising, especially regarding the net-neutrality situation. Apparently the Googles and Microsofts are looking for new communication channels to break the cable/DSL duopoly somehow. I’m not sure whether the so called “white space” (free spectrum) has the best chances in this game with the biggest problem being the lack of real two way communication capability. On the other hand this is not a bogus idea made up by some lunatic inventors … say X-Station [PDF, German]. These companies might eventually solve the technical problems and create a new player in the telco/cable industry.

We’ll probably have to wait untill 2009 when analog TV is going to be shut down and the spectrum will be freed by the FCC.

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6 Responses to “Internet over TV Airwaves”

  1. In all honesty you dont believe that analog tv will be shut down in 09? Are you crazy? Ever heard of the stampede that rolls in when Cablecom moves a channel (with about 0.1% market share) from analog to digital on their cable service?

    To put it short: Your dream wont become reality before looooong. Analog TV is here to stay for some years, perhaps even decades more!

  2. Oh, and cant one register on your blog? I’m too lame to type in my mail&blog address all the time.

  3. why shouldn’t it be shut down? the us gov is even going to give away vouchers for the digital receivers … you know “keep the masses hooked to the telly…”
    i’m going to make registration available btw.

  4. I had switzerland in mind, you know …

    btw: fix this registering issue!!!

  5. ah, I see.
    I cant activate registration. it’s hosted by wordpress …

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