Univesity of Nebraska tells RIAA to pay up for waisting it’s time


Techdirt has a nice story about the University of Nebraska which told the the RIAA that they are not obliged to give them any information until they are forced to do so by subpoena. They go even further and demand the RIAA to pay up for the costs they had with dealing with them.

It looks like at least some people have the guts to stand up against the music lobby …


Slashdot still is a wonderfull place. That’s why:

I love it when someone stands up to a bully. It gives me hope that there is still some decency left in the public realm when an institution like University of Nebraska, who’s got a lot to lose, tells the RIAA to go pound sand.

I’ve dealt with University legal departments, and they can be among the most cowardly and smarmy of lawyers (which is like saying the “smelliest shit”), and it’s really amazing that the administration of the UofN actually ignored their exposure to tell RIAA that they simply weren’t going to be pushed around. I remember when a very powerful guy, who’s daughter had committed suicide because of the pressure her religious father put on her because she committed the grevious sin of having a boyfriend, tried to pressure the University that I was working for a the time to give up email records so he could find out who the boyfriend was. It was clear at the time that his intention was to go after this boy for “sinning” with his daughter, which I guess was more important than realizing that it was the father who was the one putting fatal pressure on the girl. I still remember the university attorney, who used to be part of a floating Friday night card game, stood up to the guy and told him that they weren’t going to give this father a single email, not a bit of information. He was threatened with violence and professional destruction by this rich and powerful asshole, but the U stood behind the lawyer.

I love to see a bully getting a boot in the ass. Their arrogant, outraged, sputtering after realizing they aren’t going to get their way is priceless.



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