Corporate IT Security


chained_mac.jpgI usually don’t post a lot about my private life or my job but why not rant about some things.

As an employee of a large Swiss company I got an email from the IT department concerning IT security awareness. Apparently they were running an program to educate people about the security risks at work. (Not the ones involving electrocution or other “accidents”)

So I went straight away to the online test – and woah nelly, people must be stupid. The summary of the test goes along these lines.

  • Don’t open attachments (no comment)
  • Chose a password with letter, numbers and special characters (I don’t even want to know what peoples passwords are …)
  • Don’t let people steal your laptop with sensitive information. (Why don’t they install true crypt on these machines?)
  • Don’t use P2P clients. Don’t download media. ( The question was: “What can I use the internet for?” Answer 2: “To download music and videos because the Internet is faster at work.” OMG!)

I know such tests are common and even necessary. But man, do people really know that little about the most basic security measures?

 Is this realy “Idiocracy” where we’re heading to?

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