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I recently admitted my addiction to twitter– and it got worse. The SMS service has become a handy tool for sending messages and updates to a group of people. But the thing I like the most about twitter is the social network ( buzzword!).

I guess the reason that I like watching twittervision  is because the message output is not flooded with spam and idiotic statements (I mean the MySpace kind).

But let’s talk about the 2.0 beta release of twitterific, Iconfactory’s desktop client for OS X. I have used twitterific 1.X for some time and have just upgraded to the new 2.0 beta version.

UPDATE:The Iconfactory has released beta 06 which fixes some network problems and other issues. Growl support is in the pipeline as well, yay!

Here is a screenshot

twitterific 2.0

  • Twitterrific can now update your iChat/Adium/Skype status using your last tweet. Select the “Update chat status” preference in the configuration panel and the status in all running chat applications will be updated (though note that AIM/iChat apparently only allow a total of 44 characters, including spaces, for available statuses. Away messages don’t seem to have this limit though)
  • The main window snaps to the edge of the screen
  • Tweets can be marked as a favorite by clicking on the tweet’s heart icon
  • Added Cmd-2 to send a response to the author of the selected tweet
  • Added Cmd-D to send a direct message to the author of the selected tweet
  • The text of the tweet is no longer truncated. The size of the tweet view adapts to the length of the tweet
  • and much, much more!

The 2.0 release seems to be pretty stable and is a huge overall improvement to the previous version. Highly recommended!


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3 Responses to “Twitterific 2.0 beta”

  1. 1 Ged

    Thanks for your kind words about Twitterrific. The release is indeed a beta and we’ve found some kinks we’re working out, but we’re close to a final canidate, so stay tuned to the Iconfactory and don’t forget to make Twitterrific a friend on Twitter to say aprised of the latest news and releases.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment!
    The beta has worked fine for me and I added Twitterific as a friend when I read the readme (Yes, some people do read readmes;))

    Looking forward to the final version.

  3. Hi, there!..a88d1e3fb7a57d775036975625f53ce2

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