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  While the F1 team gets beaten on the race track, Ferrari succeeds on the water. Speedboat designer Eugenio Molinari broke the running kilometer record on the lake of Como (Italy/Switzerland) with his Ferrari F430 powered speed boat. With a weight of 1100kg the speed record for the kilometer is now at 123.3km/h and at 122km/h for […]

Meet the Albula


It’s black, small and fast. Meet the Swiss built “albula” race-car. One day in September 2006 some students from the ETH Zurich university decided to build a racecar to participate in the Formula Student race on the German Hockenheimring. Some months later the idea of a race-car has become a leightweight (240kg) and well powered (82ps) […]

  The Swiss designed EasyGlider has just taken first place at the ispo BrandNew awards. It basically works like this: The front module incorporates the engine, a whel and a handlebar for steering and acceleration. An attachable “char” comes with it for riding it like a chariot. But that’s not all. You can use it […]

As most of the readers of this blog probably know Apple has released a new beta version of it’s browser Safari. The public beta is not only available for OS X but for Windows as well. Safari is only the second software release from Apple that has been ported to Windows (with iTunes as the […]

Time seems to pass by quickly these days. A few months ago I was interviewing Sughi and his team at the Zattoo housewarming party and it’s time again for congratulations. This first year of free Internet TV has been quite successfull in many ways. The service started with only 4 channels from the national Swiss […]

We are only hours away from Steve’s Keynote at Moscone and rumor hell is loose. Let’s join the crowd and kick in some predictions: iPhone SDK (Option in XCode to make an App iPhone compatible) New iMacs (I know you know already …) New .Mac based on Google (Document sharing, syncing, sync to iPhone etc.) […]

California based Meraki have announced a new Wifi booster especially designed for outdoor usage. This new solar powered model is meant to be used together with the existing Meraki mini asa network extender or as a node in Merakis mesh-network solution. The Wifi extender comes with a 99$ pricetag. Pricing for the solar panel has not […]