WWDC 07 Predicitons


We are only hours away from Steve’s Keynote at Moscone and rumor hell is loose.

Let’s join the crowd and kick in some predictions:


  • iPhone SDK (Option in XCode to make an App iPhone compatible)
  • New iMacs (I know you know already …)
  • New .Mac based on Google (Document sharing, syncing, sync to iPhone etc.)
  • “iPhone sans phone” (iPhone like device with mulitouch, camera and bigger display for home multimedia use)
  • iTunes Movie rentals (can be rented directly from the Apple TV)
  • Virtualisation for Windows Apps (Run Windows Apps inside of OS X)

UPDATE: As “groovenite” pointed out in the comments a supposed copy of the keynote  speech is floating around the internets. This originally appeared on the German Mac site Apfelküche and has since spread like a wildfire.

Knowing how secretiv Jobs is (especially concerning new products) and how keen he is on surprising everyone (“One more thing …”) I actually don’t buy this.

That’s it from my part. This is going to be one of th most interesting WWDCs even though we won’t get Leopard. The rumored Apple/Google partnership, the new features in Leopard and of course the iPhone are going to give us enough to talk about in the next weeks.


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