Congratulations, Zattoo is one year old!


Time seems to pass by quickly these days. A few months ago I was interviewing Sughi and his team at the Zattoo housewarming party and it’s time again for congratulations. This first year of free Internet TV has been quite successfull in many ways. The service started with only 4 channels from the national Swiss broadcaster SFDRS. zattoo_logo_white

Step by step the channels grew to 67 with 20% of Swiss broadband users using the service. But Zattoo did not only grow in Switzerland. It can be used in the UK and in Denmark and is going to be online in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Spain.

I think I am not the only person who has switched completely to Zattoo for my TV pleasure. Where else could I watch Al Jazeera?

To another great year guys!


2 Responses to “Congratulations, Zattoo is one year old!”

  1. 1 daniel

    You’ve mispelled the zat(t)oo link …

  2. link is fixed, thanks.

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