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My good friend Boris Zatko has started great community-illustration-project. His idea was to send the character Tom on a voyage with an uncertain destiny. Each panel is drawn by a different artist who is absolutely free in his creativity. So far the story has nine parts with 34 illustrators and artists waiting in queue. Click […]

On a sidenote


  Just a quick filler. I’ve been working on a flyer concept for an electro party. My goal was to keep it simple and sexy with a focus on nice typografy.  

I’m having a hard time posting to my blog lately but I just found these amazing pictures of Japanese crop art for your enjoyement. source:pinktentacle

Pownce with me!


Jep, we are back after a creative week of non-blogging. My appologies for not letting you know what was going on and thanks to everyone whoe still came by. I was busy building a small website for Matthias Willi’s project After the Show. Matthias is a photographer working mostly for agencies. This project is a […]