Pownce with me!


Jep, we are back after a creative week of non-blogging.

My appologies for not letting you know what was going on and thanks to everyone whoe still came by.

I was busy building a small website for Matthias Willi’s project After the Show. Matthias is a photographer working mostly for agencies. This project is a collection of shots showing different bands and artist (from Iggy Pop to Eagles of Death Metal) right after they got from stage. The prints were shown during the Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland.

But let’s talk about pownce the new and hyped project of Kevin Rose (founder of digg). I just got my invite to the private beta. It’s basically a refined twitter on steroids. You can send status messages to your friends or followers but it’s also possible to send links, files and events. It’s free but there is no IM or SMS integration so far. There is a desktop client though (Windows, OS X) which was written in AIR (Adobes) and looks quite slick.


I still have 5 invites left and would love to get some friends over there before the beta goes public. Feel free to leave a comment and get your invite within 60 minutes!


7 Responses to “Pownce with me!”

  1. And where the heck is the rush of oh-plz-cn-y-give-me-intivite-too poeple thundering in the comments?

  2. point well taken sir …

  3. 3 EVGNAI

    Hello. It would be nice to get an invite. Thanks for helping. 🙂

  4. Invite sent! 🙂

  5. 5 EVGNAI

    Thanks for the invite. 🙂

  6. Is there one invitation left for me? Please?

  7. Invite sent to renato. (check out his new blog!)
    two more left …

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