German Government disencourages WiFi usage!


After being confronted with 14 questions by the green party the German government has published an official statement about the usage of wireless networks in German households. The Bundesregierung now warns of exposure to high-freuency radiation like the radiation WLAN accespoints emmit.
Here’s the relevant quote in German:

“Die Bundesregierung empfiehlt allgemein, die persönliche Strahlenexposition durch hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder so gering wie möglich zu halten, d. h. herkömmliche Kabelverbindungen zu bevorzugen, wenn auf den Einsatz von funkgestützten Lösungen verzichtet werden kann.”

The Germans are advised to keep their exposure as low as possible and should us traditional cable.connections where possible …

I don’t think this lady would like to live in Germany right now.



Government statement download [PDF]
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