A Geeks perfect Vespa


Vespa fan Quang Nguyen can show the world what a real geek scooter should look like. His Vespa GTS250 got a nice touch-screen which is attached to an “embedded” Windows XP computer. But what’s a computer worth withouth a connection to the interweb? You got it, the Vespa sports Wifi as well as two nice little speakers.


Link: modernvespa.com

One more picture after the jump!



7 Responses to “A Geeks perfect Vespa”

  1. 1 Lady

    Omg, I have found my dream vespa.

    Now if only it came it yellow…

  2. 2 niceride

    Wow, Now that’s a Nice Ride…
    You should post a Thread on NiceRide.com’s Forum about it, hey maybe it will be the nice ride of the week!

  3. Definitely a geek’s wet dream, especially when the weather’s like here in Basel as of lately ;(

  4. it’s a great mod indeed. don’t now about driving in the rain with this machine though.

  5. Can we buy one.
    Pls call 0909596933

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