Transparent Toaster Concept



This is what a toaster has to look like. Seeing through the toasters wall gives you absolute control over the crispyness of your toast and therefore making you a toast-master. 

Maybe not … because this bread-grilling beauty is just a concept design. The heat is supposed to be delivered by “heat glass walls”. And why not, when you can heat windows of your car, why don’t you toast?


One Response to “Transparent Toaster Concept”

  1. 1 Joon

    We have a solution on the glass toaster. It is not a concept design anymore, but we can make a normal temperature of over 500 degrees Celsius within 10 seconds (Glass itself -World’s first invention). It is an innovative nano coating technology in Korea – Transparant 85%. It can be saving about 30% of electricity.

    One problem is that the surface of the glass itself and surrounding glass would be very hot like a hot stove or a hot wire heater. It can be burnt or it can be set on fire something by the heating glass(by the outer glass).

    If we have a solution to minimize the function of heater, we can make a new product as above concept design.

    We also plan to make the hot glass heaters. It will be very differnt from 65~75 degree’s glass radiators. We are looking for partner….

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