California Part II


Ok, we’re back in a Starbucks. Internet acces is actually not free but since I’m a Swisscom customer I can log in with my existing mobile number. Anyway, we’re in Huntington Beach (Surf City) and, well, it’s not that great. After three days in the United States we both kinda feel sick of it. There are great and extremely beautiful places but everything seems to be somehow “too-perfect” or just fake. It sometimes feels like a movie. I a’m definitely going to write more about this later. Here are the promised pictures. 
UPDATE:I had to pull the pictures off the WordPress blog since bandwith seems to be a scarce thing in the US of A …:(Please refer to my Facebook for the pictures: here!


4 Responses to “California Part II”

  1. 1 Samir

    Doesn’t tham imply that the movies are closer to the reality than you might have thought before?

    Thx for the pics!

  2. … or that Steve’s reality distortion field isn’t that big after all?

    Hey, but it looks great!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.
    @Samir: Yes, I guess that might be true. Especially since we’re in Hollywood now. 😉
    @Daniel: It wasn’t the problem of the Mac but the bad connection.

  4. Well, I havent meant specifically your small problems with posting the pictures but more the general groove and mood of California dreaming at Cupertino (And Silicon Valley, if we’re at it).

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