A quick laugh


This post on slashdot just cracked me up. The quote is from a discussion about a multiplication bug in Microsoft Office 2007.

A:Perhaps this is how multiplication is done in OOXML. They do leap years in dates wrong, too.

B: Oh my, it is clearly spelled on page 890 of the draft:to retain backward compatibility with MSDOS 16bit mode, the operands of any multiplication that may exceeds a 16 bit boundary must be converted to farsi and multiplied using an abacus emulator, as per sec (II)par alpha comma 2; the result may or may not appear in Windows Genuine Octal Format (a.k.a. fake octal – that is octal without the leading zero and minus 1) for added convenience of EndUser(tm).



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  1. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

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