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Dave Veloz  created this stunning steam punk mod of a mac mini a screen and a typewriter-like keyboard. Link: Advertisements

Real Life VLC


Tangible VLC on Flickr Tags: vlc, videolan, life

My perfect Sunday afternoon video. 

Some people spread the word of God and other people, well they become militant anti-santa guys. I stumbled upon this great guerilla add on digg and started exploring the project’s website The website is the home of different projects like the hilarious “I love Arms” page or the “Fear Channel“. You might find other […]

My good friend Boris Zatko has started great community-illustration-project. His idea was to send the character Tom on a voyage with an uncertain destiny. Each panel is drawn by a different artist who is absolutely free in his creativity. So far the story has nine parts with 34 illustrators and artists waiting in queue. Click […]

I’m having a hard time posting to my blog lately but I just found these amazing pictures of Japanese crop art for your enjoyement. source:pinktentacle