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Vespa fan Quang Nguyen can show the world what a real geek scooter should look like. His Vespa GTS250 got a nice touch-screen which is attached to an “embedded” Windows XP computer. But what’s a computer worth withouth a connection to the interweb? You got it, the Vespa sports Wifi as well as two nice […]

  While the F1 team gets beaten on the race track, Ferrari succeeds on the water. Speedboat designer Eugenio Molinari broke the running kilometer record on the lake of Como (Italy/Switzerland) with his Ferrari F430 powered speed boat. With a weight of 1100kg the speed record for the kilometer is now at 123.3km/h and at 122km/h for […]

Meet the Albula


It’s black, small and fast. Meet the Swiss built “albula” race-car. One day in September 2006 some students from the ETH Zurich university decided to build a racecar to participate in the Formula Student race on the German Hockenheimring. Some months later the idea of a race-car has become a leightweight (240kg) and well powered (82ps) […]