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Nokia has announced their newest music phone called XpressMusic 5700. The first thing you are going to notice is the design of the body. Just flick the base and the handset goes into “multimedia-mode”. Even though I´m not a big Nokia fan I like this approach on useability. It brings the idea of dedicated “music buttons” to […]

Techdirt has a nice story about the University of Nebraska which told the the RIAA that they are not obliged to give them any information until they are forced to do so by subpoena. They go even further and demand the RIAA to pay up for the costs they had with dealing with them. It […]

This post is the first part of a series about the future of Apple’s iTunes strategy. I’m going to start with the much discussed letter from Steve Jobs about DRM from February 6 2007. First I’m going to summarize the content of the open letter  Steve Jobs wrote. Steve  addressed the problem of DRM in his […]