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Dave Veloz  created this stunning steam punk mod of a mac mini a screen and a typewriter-like keyboard. Link: Advertisements

Vespa fan Quang Nguyen can show the world what a real geek scooter should look like. His Vespa GTS250 got a nice touch-screen which is attached to an “embedded” Windows XP computer. But what’s a computer worth withouth a connection to the interweb? You got it, the Vespa sports Wifi as well as two nice […]

UPDATE: A rewritten version has been releases by nervegas. The new version promises to be fast and ads multitouch capability. File repository is here or download directly. Even though no one realy complained about the lack of games, what could be cooler than having games on your iPhone? Especially old-school NES titles like Mario, Zelda […]

                        The Eleven Forty Company are lining up Santa Claus and Mary Poppins against Pol Pot and the Childcatcher. The picture above shows Hitler in a “brain-duell” against Francis of Assisi. The hand-painted detailed figurines are set into a hand-crafted maple cabinet which retails at […]

Commodore is back with a whole line of serious gaming rigs. And they are ugly, whatever the specs of these beasts are. And by the way: The nineties called, they want their graffiti back! Technorati Tags: commodore, gaming, pc, CeBIT, nineties

I know this isn’t actually news to most people but I have become a fan of OWC’s ModBook since I first saw it on MacBreak and TUAW. The concept seems just so convincing: Take a MacBook, put in a GPS unit and give the screen some Wacom touchscreen love. What you get is a MacBook tablet. Prices […]