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Adobe is going to release a new version of its Flash Player (Version 9 Update 3 Beta 2). The new version is a quantum leap with added support for the video codec H.264 (MPeg-4), and the mobile video standard 3GP. Aslo added to the package is High Efficiency AAC and hardware accelerated “multi-core” fullscreen playback. Adobe claims […]

On a sidenote


  Just a quick filler. I’ve been working on a flyer concept for an electro party. My goal was to keep it simple and sexy with a focus on nice typografy.  

Are you sick of iTunes and do want to have a full blown customizeable and feature rich music player? Well, you might try Amarok. This is a short follow up to the last post where a certain Mortimer posted a comment refering to his how-to. The install guide can be found here in full detail […]

Nokia has announced their newest music phone called XpressMusic 5700. The first thing you are going to notice is the design of the body. Just flick the base and the handset goes into “multimedia-mode”. Even though I´m not a big Nokia fan I like this approach on useability. It brings the idea of dedicated “music buttons” to […]

Techdirt has a nice story about the University of Nebraska which told the the RIAA that they are not obliged to give them any information until they are forced to do so by subpoena. They go even further and demand the RIAA to pay up for the costs they had with dealing with them. It […]

TDK is going to bring the ultra-falt-style to your portable speakers. Not that it’s anoying enough when people actually use these bastards in public but you know… You can grab one of these in Japan by March of this year for about 25$ Technorati Tags: tdk, speakers, flat.