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  The New York Times reports about a security/tracking system which is being built in Shenzen, China. Some 20’000+  surveilance cameras are being installed and will be guided by US-financed software to keep track of the 12.4 million population. To make this work the Chinese came up with an idea George Orwell would have loved: Every […]

When did you think about a “long-distance call” the last time? Wasn’t that something your grandparents were afraid of? I guess. But today we are using Skype or any VOIP service available to us to save money and to make things easy. Pair the idea of digital calls with Web 2.0 and what you get […]

After being confronted with 14 questions by the green party the German government has published an official statement about the usage of wireless networks in German households. The Bundesregierung now warns of exposure to high-freuency radiation like the radiation WLAN accespoints emmit. Here’s the relevant quote in German: “Die Bundesregierung empfiehlt allgemein, die persönliche Strahlenexposition […]

German security researcher Lukas Grunwald claims to have successfully hacked the RFID chip in the new e-passports used by the United States. The former consultant on e-passports for the German parliament says he was able to crash two passport readers from different vendors by first cloning the embeded RFID chip (which is scary enough) and […]

Time seems to pass by quickly these days. A few months ago I was interviewing Sughi and his team at the Zattoo housewarming party and it’s time again for congratulations. This first year of free Internet TV has been quite successfull in many ways. The service started with only 4 channels from the national Swiss […]

California based Meraki have announced a new Wifi booster especially designed for outdoor usage. This new solar powered model is meant to be used together with the existing Meraki mini asa network extender or as a node in Merakis mesh-network solution. The Wifi extender comes with a 99$ pricetag. Pricing for the solar panel has not […]