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Dave Veloz  created this stunning steam punk mod of a mac mini a screen and a typewriter-like keyboard. Link: Advertisements

This is what a toaster has to look like. Seeing through the toasters wall gives you absolute control over the crispyness of your toast and therefore making you a toast-master.  Maybe not … because this bread-grilling beauty is just a concept design. The heat is supposed to be delivered by “heat glass walls”. And why not, […]

The so far unknown Samsung SGH-P520 is going to be a direct answer to Apples iPhone. Equipped with a touchscreen display and no keypad, it might successfully compete with the iPhone in functionality and the LG Prada in styles. The device features GSM/EDGE networks, a 2.3” QVGA-display, 50 MB of internal memory, a microSD slot, […]

I’m planning to go to Tokyo this atumn and I’m definitely going to bring a Tengu back home. It’s just too cute and fun looking. The Tengu doesn’t really do much at all except to react to sounds by animating its seven different LED face expressions. It can detect music and voices in which case […]

California based Meraki have announced a new Wifi booster especially designed for outdoor usage. This new solar powered model is meant to be used together with the existing Meraki mini asa network extender or as a node in Merakis mesh-network solution. The Wifi extender comes with a 99$ pricetag. Pricing for the solar panel has not […]

Art Lebedev Studios have finally presented their hyped-up-1490$-keyboard. Engadget has all the press shots you were craving for.  Technorati Tags: optimus, maximus, oled, keyboard, art, lebedev

TDK is going to bring the ultra-falt-style to your portable speakers. Not that it’s anoying enough when people actually use these bastards in public but you know… You can grab one of these in Japan by March of this year for about 25$ Technorati Tags: tdk, speakers, flat.