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Waiting at airports is a paine. We are trying to get on the next flight to San Francisco. Los Angeles was actually not that great. Traffic was hell. I’m going to post something more elaborate later. Advertisements

Ok, we’re back in a Starbucks. Internet acces is actually not free but since I’m a Swisscom customer I can log in with my existing mobile number. Anyway, we’re in Huntington Beach (Surf City) and, well, it’s not that great. After three days in the United States we both kinda feel sick of it. There […]

Here I am in California with my friend (and driver) Muriel. We took a flight two days ago from Zürich to New York where we had connection to San Diego. All went fine so far, except that Muriels luggage got lost by American Airlines in New York. It is generally bad for a girl to lose […]