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Time seems to pass by quickly these days. A few months ago I was interviewing Sughi and his team at the Zattoo housewarming party and it’s time again for congratulations. This first year of free Internet TV has been quite successfull in many ways. The service started with only 4 channels from the national Swiss […]

This  is a quick follow up to the Internet over TV airwaves  post and Daniels comment. In the last post I was writing about an industry alliance led by Google, Microsoft and HP, who’s plans are to use some TV spectrum for internet access over the air. Since there is very little spectrum available now they […]

The Washington Post has posted an interesting articleabout a group of tech firms working together to bring you internet access over TV airwaves.   Thecoalition formed by Google, Microsoft, HP, Intel and Philips are going to propose a prototype device to the FCC which will be built by Microsoft. Sadly there are no further details concerning […]