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When did you think about a “long-distance call” the last time? Wasn’t that something your grandparents were afraid of? I guess. But today we are using Skype or any VOIP service available to us to save money and to make things easy. Pair the idea of digital calls with Web 2.0 and what you get […]

The MIT advertising lab has reported the appearance of the (first) twitter advertiser. It’s the online store Woot! which has created a twitter account and is announcing their latest offers to their followers. This method is going to be copied soon enough. Be prepared. 😉 Technorati Tags: twitter, woot, advertising

I recently admitted my addiction to twitter– and it got worse. The SMS service has become a handy tool for sending messages and updates to a group of people. But the thing I like the most about twitter is the social network ( buzzword!). I guess the reason that I like watching twittervision  is because […]