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Some people spread the word of God and other people, well they become militant anti-santa guys. I stumbled upon this great guerilla add on digg and started exploring the project’s website The website is the home of different projects like the hilarious “I love Arms” page or the “Fear Channel“. You might find other […]

Vespa fan Quang Nguyen can show the world what a real geek scooter should look like. His Vespa GTS250 got a nice touch-screen which is attached to an “embedded” Windows XP computer. But what’s a computer worth withouth a connection to the interweb? You got it, the Vespa sports Wifi as well as two nice […]

  The Swiss designed EasyGlider has just taken first place at the ispo BrandNew awards. It basically works like this: The front module incorporates the engine, a whel and a handlebar for steering and acceleration. An attachable “char” comes with it for riding it like a chariot. But that’s not all. You can use it […]