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My good friend Boris Zatko has started great community-illustration-project. His idea was to send the character Tom on a voyage with an uncertain destiny. Each panel is drawn by a different artist who is absolutely free in his creativity. So far the story has nine parts with 34 illustrators and artists waiting in queue. Click […]

Pownce with me!


Jep, we are back after a creative week of non-blogging. My appologies for not letting you know what was going on and thanks to everyone whoe still came by. I was busy building a small website for Matthias Willi’s project After the Show. Matthias is a photographer working mostly for agencies. This project is a […]

This post is dedicated to my geeky friends daniel and kalle who are fighting on the vi side against the radical emacs evangelists. At least clippy found a place to rest in peace … 😀 I whish you all a nice week-end Technorati Tags: clippy, vi, microsoft, parody, humor

The photographer and friend of mine Comenius Roethlisberger can now be found at the Saatchi online gallery. He’s actually participating in a contest, so just follow the link and cast your vote! 🙂 The picture above is one an object made out of cocaine, sugar, polyster resin and plexiglass. On a side note: His website is going […]

Today I’m going to present you the brand new flyart blog. Special thing about this website is that I built it for the most part. In fact the design was made by flyart and I implemented it in WordPress. I even built in some juicy AJAX stuff like the live search feature and the AJAX […]

This is pretty much offtopic but it was a lot of fun. We had our annual Quake 3 private LAN at the Flyart headquarters in Basel Switzerland. The special thing about this LAN was tht we were all running on Macs. The machines were: A MacPro 3GHz with 4Gb of RAM, a PowerMac G5 Dual […]