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  The New York Times reports about a security/tracking system which is being built in Shenzen, China. Some 20’000+  surveilance cameras are being installed and will be guided by US-financed software to keep track of the 12.4 million population. To make this work the Chinese came up with an idea George Orwell would have loved: Every […]

Swiss Federal Council Moritz Leuenberger has started a blog today. On the good side:  His first post is about the discussions around the CO2 fee especially concerning gas-power-plants.  On the bad side: Our communicationsminister (Leuenberger that is) chose the blog platform of the former monopolist Swisscom for his blog. One should tell him about the wonders of WordPress.

The Washington Post has posted an interesting articleabout a group of tech firms working together to bring you internet access over TV airwaves.   Thecoalition formed by Google, Microsoft, HP, Intel and Philips are going to propose a prototype device to the FCC which will be built by Microsoft. Sadly there are no further details concerning […]

The World Press Photo Award 2006 goes to Spencer Platt. The American photographer won the price for his picture showing four young Lebanese cruising through the destroyed city of Beirut. This has nothing to do with gadgets or technology. The picture just struck me… The award for the best portrait went to the Swiss photographer […]

 US Representative Keith Ellison and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were photographed holding a copy of the Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.