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Time seems to pass by quickly these days. A few months ago I was interviewing Sughi and his team at the Zattoo housewarming party and it’s time again for congratulations. This first year of free Internet TV has been quite successfull in many ways. The service started with only 4 channels from the national Swiss […]

Techdirt has a nice story about the University of Nebraska which told the the RIAA that they are not obliged to give them any information until they are forced to do so by subpoena. They go even further and demand the RIAA to pay up for the costs they had with dealing with them. It […]

The great guys from Zattoo had a nice party at their new offices in Oerlikon/Zurich Switzerland. Zattoo is a P2P client which allows you to watch live TV over the internet. The client offers about 40 channels including all the major Swiss, German, French or Italian broadcasters. The service is totally free but works only […]

So Apple is going to implement "Bittorrent" in the next version of OS X called Leopard or 10.5. A recent article from claims that Apple is going to implement a system wide Bittorrent client in OS 10.5 which is going to be used to deliver Apple's own software but also iTunes content in the […]